Coilovers are a performance upgrade that adds stability to your vehicle and reduces stress on
the suspension. Due to the support provided to each individual wheel of the vehicle, coilovers
can help to prevent the uncomfortable feeling of the body-roll when you make turns or take a
curve on the road at a high speed. Coilovers are designed to absorb and diminish the feel of
bumps on the road as well as providing more control to your vehicle which makes it more
pleasant to drive.

A coilover is a spring over a shock absorber which is assembled as one whole unit , that’s
where its name comes from, coilovers are adjustable which means you don’t have to spend a lot of money to change the height of your car. You can go from low and sleek to an off road look without having to spend insane amounts of money. There are many benefits and reasons to add
coilovers to your vehicle but, the level of efficiency is what makes it stand out from other
suspension systems that can be costly.

How coilovers work?

The way coilovers work is by compressing both, the shock and the spring around it. The spring takes all the weight while the shock is taking care of all the bouncing coming from the spring
caused by the bumpy or rocky roads. This same flexibility of the coilovers is responsible for
keeping your vehicle from body rolling when taking any closed or unexpected curves along the
if you are looking for a better and safer handling over the road then, coilovers are a must have.