Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake is the northernmost lake in Alberta, Canada. The natural beauty of this beautiful lake is matched only by the physical beauty of the surrounding landscape. Hiking the Alaskan Way is a must-do during your stay in this beautiful region of Canada. The scenery in this region is simply breathtaking, and you can’t help but be taken back to a time when the land was still raw and uncultivated.

If you are looking for an adventure and would like a bit of that wilderness with you, then consider taking an Alaskan Way Trail ride. On your way up the lake you will pass through some beautiful mountainous scenery that is utterly breath taking. Once you reach the top of the valley, you can stop at the Sylvan Lake Lodge and enjoy a full-service lodge and getaway at a breathtaking, all-inclusive luxury lodge. To add to your adventure, consider camping out on the pristine hillsides of Alaska. This scenic area is sure to be a place you will never forget.

There are many activities available at the Sylvan Lake Lodge and nearby regions, including nature hikes, wildlife and bird watching tours, kayaking, golfing, picnicking, canoeing, skating, rafting, and fishing. At a ski resort in Alaska, you will find so much more than snow! There are so many things to do that you won’t want to leave! There are trails to hike, wildlife and bird watching tours, kayaking, golfing, and much more.