All about Dodge Vehicles

The Dodge Brand is known all over the globe for engineering high-quality, aggressive, and unstoppable performance cars, vans, trucks, and other vehicle models. Integrating superb craftsmanship and innovative technology in their vehicles, Dodge gives its users the ultimate luxury with a premium design that’s highlighted by an unbeatable performance, a ready-for-action personality, and an eye-catching aesthetic. From their dominant Challenger to the refined Durango to the unrelenting Ram 1500, Dodge Vehicles are selected by automotive enthusiasts worldwide due to the company’s position as an automotive leader that places a huge emphasis on exclusive, modern, and highly reliable designs. To maximize the drivability of the Dodge and ensure better performance on fast action-packed race applications as well as everyday commutes, the modern driver and pro racer turns to automotive aftermarket components and products to replace factory variants.


Ever since being purchased by Chrysler in 1928, the Dodge Brand has been at the top position of the automotive industry when it comes to cars, vans, trucks, and other vehicles that are always ready for action. To remain at the top position, the company has continuously produced a series of top-quality vehicles that integrate the most advanced tech and impeccable craftsmanship. Recent Dodge Vehicles feature clear and cutting-edge tech engineered by Magneti Marelli. Magneti Marelli, offered by Mopar, is an FCA US partner that integrates intelligent designs in their lighting, powertrain, and other aftermarket products. Choose the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Viper for action-packed drives. With excellent OEM parts, these are just some of Dodge’s fastest muscle cars geared towards the race enthusiast who is looking to stay at the front position of the most demanding competitions. Placing great emphasis on strength and durability, the Dodge Ram Van and Pickup Truck Series are some of the awesome work vehicles you’ll find. The Dodge Ram 1500 in particular has set the standards when it comes to creating the ideal balance of performance and comfort even on the toughest conditions.


Aftermarket products do more than just provide assistance for enhanced drivability and better vehicle maintenance. The very best of these products are designed to unlock your vehicle’s full potential. If you’re looking for complete access to premium products to substitute OEM ones, TDot Performance is the go-to online shop for the complete collection of the latest automotive upgrades for Dodge Vehicles. Expect the best prices and the sweetest deals when you search and buy your Dodge Parts and Accessories from us. TDot Performance is a proudly Canadian authorized dealer of the most highly regarded aftermarket brands. Our easy-to-navigate website allows you to search, filter, access, and add the vehicle products you need to your cart for shipment. Filter and find the products you need according to your specific year and make so you can shop easier. As the most trustworthy dealer of pro racers, luxury vehicle owners, and everyday drivers, TDot Performance provides shipment to anywhere in Canada. Your search is over as we guarantee you won’t find better-priced products from any other official dealer as all orders come free from any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. When you order from us, the new Dodge Parts and Accessories you selected to add to your cart are certain to make it in time for the big race as it only takes three to five working days to deliver orders to your doorsteps.

As Canada’s top dealers, we aim to significantly improve the Dodge’s power and performance through air intake systems, exhaust systems, suspension systems, and fuel systems. When you search and buy your parts and accessories from us, you’re guaranteed a 100% authentic product by selected brands such as Magnaflow, Wix Filters, Injen, Banks Power, Pro Series, and Timbren. You can bet on better functionality and a longer lifespan through our collection of air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, and miscellaneous filters that are sure to be superior replacements to factory variants. Access and choose from our shop’s large selection of engine components like camshafts, timing gears, and pulleys to maximize your vehicle’s underhood performance. In our shop, you’ll find all the brake components you need to give your Dodge a more precise stopping efficiency while performance chips allow it to adapt effortlessly to different driving conditions. Furthermore, position your vehicle above the rest when you order new turbochargers from us that will make certain the opposition stays at your tail with no chance to follow your unrelenting pace.

Find, choose, and order new exterior accessories from us, like off-road bumpers, window trims, roof racks, rear window spoilers, and running boards to improve the Dodge’s efficiency and appearance. Take action and install interior accessories such as car seats, floor mats, and steering wheels to reliably keep your vehicle’s insides looking spotless. Our shop also ensures your vehicle has excellent light components for clear driving visibility as well as to prevent a crash from happening. We highly recommend installing our auxiliary lights, headlights, tail lights, replacement bulbs, and many other light components to generate clear driving visibility. Furthermore, we also have essential miscellaneous products like key fobs, caliper covers, position sensors, protective gear, along with just about every maintenance part you’re searching for. All the vehicle products you search and find from us certify resilience, longevity, and a precise fit to your Dodge model.