Shopping for Winter Tires in Ontario

SHOPPING FOR WINTER TIRES IN ONTARIO Canadian car owners in Ontario know that tires are an investment. Using separate all-season tires’ and winter-tires, respectively, based on their preferred seasons is usually the way to go and ensures that you’re optimizing and getting as much benefit out of both. In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of winter-tires, a guide to buying them and the best dealerships/manufacturers in the region.

Winter-tires, commonly referred to as snow-tires, are designed specifically for use in the winter/cold season. Their usage is optimized when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius or 44 Fahrenheit. They increase their flexibility and their grip and traction in icy and wet terrains. They’re made up of softer compounds to deal with freezing temperatures. These tires’ make a huge difference in the winter seasons. Some of their benefits include:

Improves your safety during drives as they provide you with a great grip on icy and snowy terrain. They are also very useful when turning and stopping.
Easy manoeuvrability. The narrow widths of the winter-tires raise the pressure exerted on the snow, making it easier to manoeuvre. Hydroplaning, sliding over the water surface created from the crushed ice, is minimized as the tire grooves push the water off to the sides.

Have eliminated the use of adding more weight. Previously, weights were added to the car to boost its stability. Thanks to winter-tires as it was found out that adding weight can be detrimental when driving in the snow, especially on stopping and turning.
Long-term cost-effective. Money is saved by running two sets of tires’ as the wear and tear are at half the rate in similar periods.

Guide for winter-tires; buying and usage in Ontario, Canada

With its cold winter seasons that can even drop -13 degrees Celsius, winter-tires are a huge requirement for Ontario’s car owners. The following are some of the factors and considerations that should be employed when acquiring/using winter-tires.


When are winter-tires useful? The appropriate time to install winter-tires is before the temperatures fall below 7 degrees Celsius or just before the first snowfall. All-season tires usually lose their capabilities during this period, even if the vehicle is a four-wheel drive.

At times it’s also economical to purchase winter-tires after winter has ended as the prices and demand have dropped and good deals are readily available.

Storage space

How do you store these tires? Storage is usually a challenge, but a good number of dealerships and shops usually offer storage facilities. You can rent a small locker for off-season storage. One can also store these tires’ on their own in a cool, dry, ventilated and heat-free environment.


Having specific rims dedicated for winter-tires is usually advantageous as it makes changing them faster, less expensive, and there’s reduced wear and tear when installing and uninstalling them.

Size to buy

The smaller/narrow sizes are usually preferable. Always try to go with thinner tires’ as the thinner the tire width, the better it is at cutting through the snow, improving traction at the expense of some dry traction.

Price and Warranty

For you to get the best price and warranty coverage, we have recommended some good dealerships for you.

Tire pressure

Tires’ with insufficient pressures are not fuel-efficient. Pressure readings are likely to vary depending on the weather of the day. Monitor your pressure during the winter period, and the temperature differentials between any two weather conditions should be accounted for and adjusted accordingly.

Indicator bars

Tire indicator bars are wear and tear bars indicative of replacement needs in worn-out tires’. They’re usually embedded between the tread ribs. Winter-tires have an additional indicator and should be monitored to when the tread depth is no longer useful.

Maintenance inspections

Your winter-tires and wheels should match the manufacturer’s ideal settings. Your vehicle’s alignment should be frequently checked, especially during winter.

The best manufacturers/dealerships in Ontario

Finding quality tires’ is usually a hustle. Here’s a short recommendation list of winter dealerships and manufacturers that the residents in Ontario should consider. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company are one of the leading manufacturers of tires’ with a good historical track record. Their products are high quality, and car owners in Ontario should consider their products.

Michelin Tires’ in Ontario is another stop for winter-tires. It is one of the most popular tire brands worldwide. With affordable prices, great warranty and other service packages, Ontario residents have a suitable option at hand.

Also available in Ontario is the BF Goodrich-Tires. With a wide range of car-tires, including winter-tires, they’re one of the best. Their tires’ are affordable, comes with good warranties, have good performance and are durable.

The overall consensus is that winter-tires generally make a huge difference. No matter how powerful and resilient your vehicle is, you aren’t likely to get anywhere the same performance as driving with winter-tires during winter. Winter-tires should be mandatory in colder weather and climates. They are pretty much a requirement for car owners in Ontario, Toronto and the greater Canada at large.